Global Conference 2017

The entrepreneurial spirit has always been alive in Asia with business empires forged through determination. Today, we are seeing a new generation of Asian entrepreneurs pushing the boundaries of ingenuity and innovation. This panel features trailblazers and mavericks who explore new frontiers and untapped opportunities, keeping the region's entrepreneurial drive alive. Among the questions our panelists will discuss:

  • What's the next big thing that will come out of Asia?
  • How do Asia's emerging economies measure on the innovation scale?
  • What is the true potential of growth in the Asian market and how can entrepreneurs and businesses unlock the opportunities?
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Ken Hausman

Managing Director, Hausman Ventures; Vice President, Innovation Catalyst, Deutsche Telekom


Victor Cui

CEO and Owner, ONE Championship

Patrick Grove

Co-Founder and Group CEO, Catcha Group; Co-Founder and Chairman, iflix

Ambarish (Rish) Mitra

Founder and CEO, Blippar

Finian Tan

Chairman, Vickers Ventures Partners

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