GC2017 program det
Are eSports Ready for the Big Time?
Wednesday, May 3, 2017 / 10:00 am - 11:00 am

Ann Hand, CEO and Chairman, Super League Gaming

Jack Etienne, CEO and Founder, Cloud 9
Rick Fox, Three-time NBA Champion; Founding Partner, Vision Venture Partners
Peter Levin, President, Lionsgate Interactive Ventures and Games; Owner, Immortals
Bruce Stein, CEO and Co-Founder, aXiomatic eSports; Owner, Team Liquid
Pete Vlastelica, President and CEO, Major League Gaming, Activision Blizzard

By all measures, the eSports industry is surging. More than 130 million enthusiasts game online daily, fans pack arenas, revenue has more than doubled in three years, and sponsors and investors are clamoring to get a piece of the action. But to grow beyond its nascent successes, big changes must be made.

  • How can this nontraditional sport develop and leverage the powerful revenue streams of more established sports?
  • What structural changes are needed and how will this growth play out?
  • Where are the investment opportunities?
  • Will success change a gaming culture that has led to astounding growth?