Global Conference 2017

After decades of stagnation and resistance to change, Japan is seeing signs of economic growth. Inflation is expected to increase this year, and corporations and public institutions are beginning to diversify by investing more capital overseas. This panel of experts will explore:

  • What government policies and structural reforms are in the works to further improve the gains of a radical reflationary program?
  • What are the most promising investment opportunities in Japan? Where can investors find value?
  • Will Japanese corporations, which are sitting on nearly $2 trillion in cash, continue their recent buying binge?
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Kotaro Tamura

Asia Fellow, Milken Institute; Chairman, Japan Intelligence Initiative; Former Senator and Parliamentary Secretary for Economic and Fiscal Policy, Japan


Victor Chu

Chairman, First Eastern Investment Group

Yasuhide Nakayama

Member, House of Representatives, Japan; Former State Minister for Foreign Affairs, Japan

Kiyotaka Sasaki

Secretary General, Securities and Exchange Surveillance Commission, Financial Services Agency, Japan

Takumi Shibata

President and CEO, Nikko Asset Management

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