Global Conference 2017

In the eyes of top executives, their job is to imagine the future and work towards making that imagined future a reality. Many of the largest companies in the world are intent on embracing change and building pathways that lead to a robust workforce, innovation and job creation. Corporate leaders must pursue and encourage growth while also promoting values that reach beyond the bottom line.

  • How do business leaders build and drive the workforce of the future? 
  • Change can be an amorphous concept; how should corporations define and pursue it? 
  • What are the most effective ways for CEOs and other top executives to combine growth and purpose to reflect workforce and corporate values and culture?
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Andy Serwer

Editor-in-Chief, Yahoo Finance


John Chambers

Executive Chairman, Cisco

Denise Morrison

President and CEO, Campbell Soup Company

Tim Sloan

CEO and President, Wells Fargo & Co.

Mark Weinberger

Global Chairman and CEO, EY

Devin Wenig

President and CEO, eBay Inc.

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