Global Conference 2017

Strong economic and sentiment readings, along with recovery in global equity markets, may signal better prospects for the international economy. Chinese capital outflows appear to have waned and trade is expanding again. The euro zone's performance has improved, but risk remains. In this session, panelists will discuss the key elements influencing the global economy and assess how they will play out. Questions to be considered:

  • How are consumers faring in different geographies and what can be done to boost sentiment?
  • What's the outlook for innovation and productivity?
  • How will the world economy react if the U.S. further tightens monetary policy?
  • How can advanced economies shrink income gaps, resolve immigration dilemmas and adapt to aging workforces?
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John Micklethwait

Editor-in-Chief, Bloomberg News


S Iswaran

Minister for Trade and Industry (Industry), Republic of Singapore

Julie T. Katzman

Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer, The Inter-American Development Bank

Emmanuel Roman


David Zaslav

President and CEO, Discovery Communications

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