Global Conference 2016

Disruptive technologies are fundamentally changing how we live and rewiring the way we work and travel. Yet cities seem to be left struggling to maintain infrastructure built for another era. Is it time for a reboot? Innovative players who use fresh technology, such as shared-economy companies, will have a powerful influence on how our cities look and the way governments pursue and pay for infrastructure to meet the demands of population growth, traffic congestion, the housing crunch, climate change and more. This session will focus on opportunities for collaborations that leverage the changes influencing our lives to make cities more competitive, resilient and better prepared for the future.


Michael Burke

Chairman and CEO, AECOM


Brogan BamBrogan

Co-Founder and Chief Technical Officer, Hyperloop Technologies

Dale Bonner

Senior Advisor, Milken Institute; Executive Chairman, Plenary Concessions

Eric Garcetti

Mayor, City of Los Angeles

Artie Minson

President and Chief Operating Officer, WeWork

David Plouffe

Chief Advisor and Board Member, Uber

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