Global Conference 2016

Powerful forces, including shifting demographics, climate change and advances in robotics, are reshaping our world. Combined with record-low yields in financial markets, they are prompting some investors to take a closer look at thematic investing -- the practice of targeting companies and markets based on broad changes in the world. Which of today's big trends offer the best value for investors, and how sustainable are they? How does one turn a broad theme, such as genomics or 3-D printing, into an investment? How do institutional investors consider multi-class portfolios in asset allocation? The experts on this panel will discuss the practical challenges and benefits of taking a thematic lens to investment portfolios spanning several asset classes.


Stephen Foley

U.S. Investment Correspondent, Financial Times


Victor Chu

Chairman, First Eastern Investment Group

Taimur Hyat

Chief Strategy Officer, PGIM, the Global Investment Management Businesses of Prudential Financial, Inc.

Catherine Keating

President and CEO, Commonfund

Rebecca Patterson

Managing Director and Chief Investment Officer, Bessemer Trust Cos.

Mike Ramsay

Partner and Chief Investment Officer, Global Credit, Generation Investment Management

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