Alternative Investing: Cure for Stock and Bond Blues?
Wednesday, May 4, 2016 / 10:00 am - 11:00 am
Beverly Hills Ballroom


Tom Petruno, Financial Journalist and Consultant; Former Markets Editor and Columnist, Los Angeles Times

Jonathan Grunzweig, Executive Director and Global Head, Special Situations, Colony Capital Inc.
Jodie Gunzberg, Global Head, Commodities and Real Assets, S&P Dow Jones Indices
Jonathan Rotolo, CEO and Chief Investment Officer, Wood Creek Capital Management
Scott Sperling, Co-President, Thomas H. Lee Partners
Carrie Thome, Director of Investments, Wisconsin Alumni Research Foundation

Couple a seven-year bull market with ultra-low interest rates, and you have a troubling outlook for investors big and small: It's hard to see conventional stock and bond investments generating hefty returns in the next few years. That is prompting more investors to consider allocating capital to "alternative" strategies -- everything from gold and managed futures accounts to commercial mortgages and private equity. Many advisors tout alternative investments as a way to dampen volatility in portfolios that are mostly invested in stocks and bonds. But the downsides of alternatives tend to be high management fees and low liquidity. Join industry experts who'll discuss where to find the most attractive alternative investment opportunities.