Global Conference 2016

Uber is 7 years old. Twitter is 10. Facebook and Google are just a few years older. These companies, now embedded in our economy and culture, went from Bright Idea to Next Big Thing to Really, Really Big Deal in almost a flash. Each has changed the way people live and conduct business across the planet. Innovation and new technologies continue to outpace our expectations -- and our ability to keep up. So what's the next big thing? Will virtual reality, for example, live up to its promise? Equally important, what's the next big disappointment? Google Glass? Perhaps Apple Watch? No one knows for sure, but our panel of Silicon Valley experts will provide an inside look at promising technologies that could be part of our lives within the next decade.


Ken Hausman

Managing Director, Hausman Ventures


Yobie Benjamin

Member, Federal Reserve Bank Faster Payments Task Force, World Economic Forum; Co-Founder, Avegant

Bo Ewald

President, D-Wave U.S.

Skip Rizzo

Director for Medical Virtual Reality, USC Institute for Creative Technologies

Rose Schooler

Vice President, IoT Strategy and Integrated Products Division, Internet of Things Group, Intel Corp.

Arvind Sodhani

Founder and Managing Partner, Silver Trail Ventures

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