Global Conference 2016

Across the planet, bridges and highways built generations ago cry out for repair, construction cranes dot horizons, two of the largest canals in the world are being expanded, and demand spirals for electricity. Global investment in such projects is about $2.7 trillion a year -- about a trillion short of what is needed. This demand is presenting new opportunities for investors. Publicly traded funds and public-private partnerships have become major sources of long-term capital for massive, multibillion-dollar projects. While complications and uncertainties vary from project to project and region to region, there is much for the movers and shakers to learn from one another. Financial panelists will share success stories and talk about difficulties faced in funding the diverse array of infrastructure projects in their portfolios.


Rick Newman

Columnist, Yahoo Finance


Andrew Claerhout

Senior Vice President, Ontario Teachers' Pension Plan

Kathy Hahn

Assistant Director, Opportunistic Fixed-Income and Inflation-Sensitive Portfolios, North Carolina Department of State Treasurer

Saadia Khairi

Co-Head, Emerging Asia Fund, IFC Asset Management Co.

Scott Mackin

Managing Partner and Co-President, Denham Capital

Gregory Smith

President and CEO, InstarAGF

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