Global Conference 2016

The digital revolution that began in California's Silicon Valley has spread around the world as innovators adopt its creative, disruptive culture and even its name. We now have Silicon Oasis, Silicon Cape, Silicon Docks and more. What they share, more than a name, is the vision of groundbreaking research with the potential for social change and lucrative commercial applications. California remains the primary incubator, as well as the model, for global innovation. Yet, as the new tech centers mature and as Silicon Valley companies expand beyond California, the synergy is changing from emulation to collaboration. How can the world's tech regions better cultivate this spirit of cooperation? How can business and policy leaders harness it to advance research and foster new breakthroughs?


Kevin Klowden

Executive Director, California Center, and Managing Economist, Milken Institute


Bracken Darrell

President and CEO, Logitech

Gil Elbaz

CEO, Factual

Adam Miller

Founder and CEO, Cornerstone OnDemand

Donna Morris

Executive Vice President, Customer and Employee Experience, Adobe Systems Inc.

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