Global Conference 2016

U.S. real estate has generated some of the best investment returns of any asset class over the last five years, as both residential and commercial property values have rebounded amid low interest rates and falling vacancy rates. But with the Federal Reserve seemingly intent on tightening credit, and affordability a growing issue in many residential markets, real estate investors face a changing U.S. landscape. At the same time, some foreign property markets may hold more allure -- but also more risks, including geopolitical concerns. It's a critical time for real estate investors to size up U.S. opportunities against foreign opportunities, weighing considerations such as relative property values, financing options and demographic trends. Which regions and countries offer the most potential now? What are the trends by sector (retail, industrial, commercial, hotel, multifamily, single-family)? Is real estate equity or debt the better investment? And will U.S. real estate, especially in California, continue to benefit from foreign capital fleeing some countries, including China?


Maria Bartiromo

Anchor and Global Markets Editor, Fox Business Network


Barry Blattman

Vice Chairman and Senior Managing Partner, Brookfield Asset Management

Victor Coleman

Chairman and CEO, Hudson Pacific Properties

David Simon

Chairman and CEO, Simon Property Group

Michael Weil

CEO, AR Global

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