Global Conference 2016

A university degree has long been held up as the Holy Grail -- the best ticket to a meaningful career and a middle-class lifestyle. Yet an unprecedented level of student debt, which may never be repaid, is piling up, while companies report that they can't find enough qualified workers. Increasing numbers of students who enter college are simply not completing their degrees, and high school graduates and dropouts often find few opportunities for a productive career. This panel will discuss how traditional and Internet-based universities, governments and corporations can collaborate to close the skills gaps in our economy and provide young people with affordable career-development alternatives.


Jeffrey Selingo

Author; Contributor, Washington Post; Professor of Practice, Arizona State University


Michael Bennet

U.S. Senator, Colorado

Steven Knapp

President, George Washington University

Jessica Rosenworcel

Commissioner, Federal Communications Commission

Eric Spiegel

President and CEO, Siemens USA

Igor Tulchinsky

Founder and CEO, WorldQuant LLC

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