Global Conference 2016

The tech titans of Silicon Valley are joining the search for cures. Leading companies such as Google, Apple and Intel are helping refine methods for collecting and analyzing of vast amounts of medical data to assist medical researchers. As the industry devotes its best minds to creating better tools for research, young philanthropists from the tech world are asserting their influence and bringing tech industry ideas and approaches to accelerate medical progress. Could this be a disruptive force in medical research, helping shrink the time and cost of bringing treatments to patients? Can we make Moore's Law work in the search for cures?


Lindy Fishburne

Founder, Breakout Labs, Thiel Foundation; Managing Partner, Breakout Ventures


Linda Avey

Co-Founder, Curious, Inc.; Co-Founder, 23andMe

Noah Craft

Co-Founder and CEO, Science 37

Lloyd Minor

Dean, Stanford University School of Medicine

Asha Nayak

Chief Medical Officer, Intel Corp.

Lisa Suennen

Managing Member, Cardeation Capital; Managing Partner, Venture Valkyrie Consulting

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