Global Conference 2016

Global capital markets opened 2016 facing more uncertainty than perhaps at any time since the 2008 crash. As China's economic slowdown reverberated worldwide, it fueled another dive in commodities and deeper losses in global equity markets -- in many cases, to multiyear lows. In the U.S., the corporate-profit recession has intensified. In Japan and Europe, central banks are promoting negative interest rates in a controversial new stimulus effort. In recent months, however, some of the economic and market gloom has lifted, and commodities and equities have bounced. Still, capital markets remain deeply apprehensive about the near-term outlook. This panel of experts opens Global Conference with a discussion of some of the most pressing issues facing markets. Are fears about emerging economies' growth overblown -- or understated? Is currency depreciation now a dangerous race to the bottom? Will oil's crash be a net positive or negative for the global economy? Would "Brexit" derail any European recovery? And how will markets adjust to a tighter Federal Reserve versus new central bank stimulus elsewhere?


Thomas Finke

Chairman and CEO, Babson Capital Management


Afsaneh Beschloss

Founder, President and CEO, The Rock Creek Group

Mohamed El-Erian

Chief Economic Advisor, Allianz; Chair, President’s Global Development Council

David Harding

Founder and CEO, Winton

Joseph Hooley

Chairman and CEO, State Street Corp.

Steven Tananbaum

Founder, Managing Partner and Chief Investment Officer, GoldenTree Asset Management

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