Global Conference 2014

Speaker's Biography

Peter Attia

President and Co-Founder, Nutrition Science Initiative

Peter Attia is president and co-founder of the Nutrition Science Initiative, a nonprofit organization dedicated to reducing the social and economic toll of obesity-related diseases through rigorous clinical trials. He is a physician and a former consultant for McKinsey & Company, where he was a member of the corporate risk and health-care practices. Attia trained as a general surgeon at the Johns Hopkins Hospital. He spent two years at the National Institutes of Health as a surgical oncology fellow and at the National Cancer Institute under Dr. Steve Rosenberg, where his research focused on immune-based therapies for cancer. Attia was a 2012 recipient of the French-American Foundation Young Leaders fellowship, which recognizes the most promising leaders in the U.S. and France age 40 and under. Attia earned his M.D. from Stanford University and holds a B.Sc. in mechanical engineering and applied mathematics from Queen's University in Kingston, Ontario, Canada, where he also taught and helped design the calculus curriculum.

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