Global Conference 2014

Speaker's Biography

Jack Andraka

Student Researcher

Jack Andraka is a Maryland high school student who at age 15 created a novel paper sensor that detects pancreatic, ovarian and lung cancer in five minutes for as little as three cents. He conducted his research at Johns Hopkins University and won the Gordon E. Moore Award at the Intel International Science and Engineering Fair and the Smithsonian American Ingenuity Award. He is the youngest speaker at the Royal Society of Medicine and has been featured on "60 Minutes," "World News with Diane Sawyer, "American Public Radio's "Marketplace," in Popular Science and Wired magazines, and in documentaries including "You Don't know Jack" by Morgan Spurlock. He is also on the National Junior Wildwater Kayak team, has won awards at multiple national and international math competitions, and enjoys playing with his dog and folding origami.

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