Global Conference 2014

The Internet is fostering capital-raising methods that bypass traditional market facilitators and intermediaries. Online financial innovation has the potential to expand capital access, increase investment opportunities and promote new ways for businesses to engage with the public. At the same time, this innovation raises questions regarding risks to market integrity, the need for investor education and the importance of sound regulation. Join us as we explore peer-lending and crowd-investing models across sectors and industries and consider the impact of regulatory action in JOBS Act implementation. How has this marketplace developed over the past year? What are the barriers to further growth, and how scalable are these models? What are the risks for investors, and how do they compare to potential rewards?

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Daniel Gorfine

Director, Financial Markets Policy, and Legal Counsel, Milken Institute


Doug Atkin

Senior Managing Director, Venture Investments, Guggenheim Partners

Naval Ravikant

Co-Founder and CEO, AngelList

Slava Rubin

CEO and Co-Founder, Indiegogo

Ron Suber

President, Prosper Marketplace

Peter Williams

Founder and CEO, ACE Portal

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