Global Conference 2014

Audacious innovators are out to change the world. Risk-takers are turning classic business models upside down. Social-media prodigies are revolutionizing communications and organizations. These are the disruptors, innovators and entrepreneurs who keep reinventing society. Why do many attempt, but few succeed? How do you cross-pollinate to create something that's not just new, but groundbreaking? How do you conquer the challenges of health, technology, national security, politics, communications and finance to empower the community, sustain the planet and expand the bottom line? Join us for a conversation without boundaries.

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Lauren Lyster

Host/Reporter, "The Daily Ticker" and "Hot Stock Minute," Yahoo Finance


Abe Burns

Head of Digital Operations, Maverick and A-Grade Investments

Ryan Kavanaugh

Founder and CEO, Relativity Media

Nanxi Liu

CEO, Enplug, Inc.; Co-Founder, Nanoly Bioscience

Kimbal Musk

CEO, The Kitchen Community

Musician, Entrepreneur and Philanthropist

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