Global Conference 2014

Universities play a number of vital roles in society, including: providing an education that prepares students to compete for high-quality employment; driving regional economic growth; catalyzing innovative and life-saving research; and preparing an enlightened and generous citizenry. However, these institutions are also experiencing major pressures: university tuition is perceived as increasingly out of reach to many, with the accumulation of staggering debt; technological advances are creating disruptive and hybrid educational models that have led to increased competition from online and for-profit institutions; and the debate grows regarding whether these advances are generating revenue, reducing cost, or adding to the university expense burden. In addition, President Obama and Secretary Duncan have called for an effort to quantify the value of a college degree, including government ranking of institutions based upon such metrics as accelerated graduation rates, higher percentages of graduates employed, and enhanced access and affordability. Four distinguished university presidents from public, private, and for-profit institutions will discuss how these challenges are being addressed.

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Barry Munitz

Chancellor Emeritus, California State University


Joseph Aoun

President, Northeastern University

Steven Knapp

President, George Washington University

Janet Napolitano

President, University of California; Former U.S. Secretary of Homeland Security

Robert Silberman

Executive Chairman, Strayer Education, Inc.

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