Global Conference 2014

Is China still a land of opportunity for global business, or are the obstacles to expansion too steep? The Xi Jinping-led administration aims for slower but higher-quality growth. But this will mean a slowdown from the double-digit pace of the past three decades to a more modest 7.5 percent or lower. While the Communist Party is firmly in charge, the economy is increasingly driven by market forces and party leaders are looking for more sustainable expansion that balances environmental concerns with growth. To retool the economy, they're pushing for sweeping reforms to switch from an economy based on investment in fixed assets and exports to one that leans more on domestic demand. Can they achieve this? What directions will the country take - economically and politically? What is doing business in China really like? This session will assess China's future, especially the growth prospects for business and how successful (or failed) reform will influence the global economy.

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Michael Crowley

Chief Foreign Affairs Correspondent, Time


Robert Iger

Chairman and CEO, The Walt Disney Company

Hank Paulson

Chairman, The Paulson Institute; Former U.S. Treasury Secretary

Sheryl WuDunn

Co-Founder, FullSky Capital; Co-Author, "China Wakes"

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