Global Conference 2014

As countries implement new regulations in response to the global financial crisis, will safer and sounder markets be the result? Has the too-big-to-fail problem been solved, or should the giants simply be broken up? What sectors of the financial landscape still need reorganization, or at least a reordering of priorities? Where is the financial industry headed in this new business environment? What are the opportunities? Who are the winners and losers? Mortgage securities, rating agencies, leverage and proprietary trading, from Dodd-Frank and the Volcker rule to a new era at the Federal Reserve, our panel will examine the issues and trends that will set the direction for Wall Street in 2014 and beyond.

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Robert Shafir

Head, Private Banking and Wealth Management, and CEO, Americas Region, Credit Suisse


Richard Daly

President and CEO, Broadridge Financial Solutions, Inc.

Bob Diamond

Founder and CEO, Atlas Merchant Capital

Christopher Dodd

Chairman and CEO, Motion Picture Association of America; Former U.S. Senator

Tom Milroy

CEO, BMO Capital Markets

Ruth Porat

Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer, Morgan Stanley

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