Global Conference 2014

Global Conference 2014

Social Justice, Incarceration and Reentry: New Directions for a Better Way

Monday, April 28, 2014 / 3:30 pm - 4:30 pm

Economically and socially the numbers are overwhelming and unsustainable: 2.3 million people housed in U.S. prisons, two-thirds of them addicts, well over half African American or Latino. Recidivism is 60 percent in the state of California, and 75 percent in some areas. The taxpayer burden for this system is staggering -- $80 billion a year nationwide, with the per-inmate price tag, at $60,000 a year in California and $167,000 in New York City, exceeding what most Americans earn. Our panelists -- including a top prosecutor, a media activist, a Hollywood producer turned advocate and a political candidate with firsthand prison experience -- discuss options for a more humane and economically sensible system. They will review prison reform efforts, legislation and inmate education and incentives. They will also discuss community policing efforts aimed at reducing crime, the Affordable Care Act's drug and mental health provisions for risk populations and more.


Michael Romano

Director and Co-Founder, Three Strikes Project, Stanford Law School


Scott Budnick

Film Producer; Founder, The Anti-Recidivism Coalition

Jesse Jackson Sr.

Founder and President, Rainbow PUSH Coalition

Van Jones

Co-Founder and President, Rebuild the Dream; Former Special Advisor to The White House

Jackie Lacey

District Attorney, Los Angeles County

Prophet Walker

CEO, PWC Development; Founding Member, Anti-Recidivism Coalition

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