Global Conference 2013

Speaker's Biography

J. Todd Morley

Chairman and CEO, G2 Investment Group

J. Todd Morley is founder, chairman and CEO of G2 Investment Group. He is also co-founder and chairman of the Forbes Private Capital Group, a partnership between G2 and the Forbes family. G2 was founded in 2009, when Morley identified an opportunity with several partners to build an investment group that creates and sustains profit for individuals, families and institutions. The firm acts on the principle that investments in basic "pillars" of human need -- food, water, energy, shelter, health care, communication, education -- often create asymmetrical return profiles, many of which act as a hedge against inflation. Morley has been principal investor and architect of enterprises that include Grafton Energy Capital; MB Global Partners; Threat Pattern, a private cyber-security firm; and Northern Gulf Partners, an Iraq-based merchant banking company. Before G2, Morley co-founded investment firm Guggenheim Partners LLC and founded Links Holdings LLC and Mortgages Plc.

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