Global Conference 2013

When an investor tells you, "This time is different," says Howard Marks, take caution. "These four words should strike fear - and perhaps suggest an opportunity for profit - for anyone who understands the past and knows it repeats." Indeed, Marks warns that failing to heed the lessons of history "is what dooms investors to being victimized repeatedly by cycles of boom and bust." Such straightforward advice, compiled in his book "The Most Important Thing," as well as his prescient investing have made Marks an industry legend. Join Institute Chairman Mike Milken (who also often notes that history repeats itself) as he welcomes Marks for a discussion on the current economic climate, ways to think about and gauge risk, the crucial importance of research and analysis, and lessons learned over the course of a long and successful investing career.

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Michael Milken

Chairman, Milken Institute


Howard Marks

Chairman, Oaktree Capital Management

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