Global Conference 2013

As countries implement new regulations in response to the global financial crisis, will safer and sounder markets be the result? Or just more burdens and costs? What impact can we expect on financial institutions, lending, the flow of capital around the world and, eventually, the global economy? Has the too-big-to-fail problem been solved, or should the giants simply be broken up? Is there a place for a global financial regulator? And what should be done about the shadow banking system - the institutions that wield influence but go largely unregulated? Our panel will delve into whether there are more effective ways to oversee financial markets than current methods.


Jaret Seiberg

Managing Director and Senior Policy Analyst, Guggenheim Partners


James Barth

Senior Finance Fellow, Milken Institute; Lowder Eminent Scholar in Finance, Auburn University

Bob Corker

U.S. Senator

Carey Lathrop

Managing Director and Head of Global Credit Markets, Citi

Kevin Lynch

Vice Chairman, BMO Financial Group

Thomas Perrelli

Partner, Jenner & Block; Former Associate U.S. Attorney General

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