Global Conference 2013

Global Conference 2013

Big Goals, New Strategies and the Future of High-Level Philanthropy

Tuesday, April 30, 2013 / 8:00 am - 9:15 am

Philanthropy is changing around the world. From sharpening missions to increasing focus on execution, measurement, outcomes and impact, a social investment revolution is underway. With government budget crises and retrenchment in social services, attention is shifting to the private sector and the innovations and solutions that will drive philanthropy's future. Yet even the most successful philanthropists may lack the financial resources necessary to accomplish audacious goals. How are they tackling the great challenges? How do they leverage their resources to drive change? What are the impediments? Is collaboration achieving results? A group of global change agents who are taking philanthropy to the next level discuss their goals, frustrations and successes, and how they see philanthropy's next phase.

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Maria Bartiromo

Anchor, CNBC


Jean Case

CEO, Case Foundation

Shmuel Meitar

Founder and Principal, Aurec Group and Time to Know; Board Member, FasterCures and Prostate Cancer Foundation

Yuri Milner

Founder, DST Global

David Rubenstein

Co-Founder and Co-CEO, The Carlyle Group

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