Global Conference 2012

Speaker's Biography

Richard Kottmeyer

Global Agriculture and Food Production Leader, IBM Global Services

Richard Kottmeyer is global agriculture and food production leader at IBM Global Services. He leads IBM's mission to empower more than 100 million producers globally, from the smallholder in India to the midsized farmer in Europe to the largest farms in North America. His work focuses on the use of science and technology to optimize food security and farmer income, meeting the demands of a growing middle class for more variety in their diet. Prior to IBM, Kottmeyer led four major agricultural consulting and investment banking practices, advised over 50 large transformations and worked in over 60 countries. He represents IBM on the Global Harvest Initiative's steering committee, works with the Farm Foundation think tank, and is a keynote speaker at key agricultural events like the USDA's Agricultural Outlook 2012 and the Japanese 2040 rollout; these engagements emphasize the need to not only think about how we grow more food, but also how we grow more food using less.

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