Global Conference 2012

Speaker's Biography

Brock Pierce

Managing Director, Clearstone Global Gaming Fund

Brock Pierce is the CEO of Titan Gaming and managing director of the Clearstone Global Gaming Fund. He sits on the boards of Xfire, EverTune, RevenueAPEX and Spicy Horse Games. Pierce is the founder of IMI Exchange, which owns the world's leading marketplaces for the trading of virtual goods, with sales exceeding $500 million annually. He also founded IGE, the company that pioneered the Western market for virtual goods in online games. Outside of gaming, Pierce is co-founder of EverTune, a patented proprietary technology that keeps any stringed instrument in tune for the life of the string, and RevenueAPEX, a finance company for the Internet advertising industry. Pierce is an angel investor, a supporter of nonprofit and advocacy organizations, and a member of the Clinton Global Initiative. He began his career as a Hollywood actor, appearing in 12 major motion pictures, including "The Mighty Ducks" and "First Kid," as well as commercials. He has been a guest lecturer at several universities and a speaker at various conferences.

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