Global Conference 2012

Speaker's Biography

Neil Kataria

Co-Founder and President, newBrandAnalytics

Neil Kataria is co-founder and president of newBrandAnalytics, which helps companies use customer feedback intelligently. Kataria spearheaded development of newBrandAnalytics' industry-specific social business intelligence products. His blend of local operations, social media, data analytics and enterprise business intelligence expertise are the driving force behind the firm's algorithms and artificial intelligence feedback analysis engines. The products are used by thousands of hotels, restaurants, retailers and leisure companies worldwide. Kataria has founded other successful companies, including Conformia Software; Chakra Aveda, the Estee Lauder retail and salon-spa group in San Francisco; Infinity Development Group, a real estate firm that builds and operates affordable housing around the world; and Blue Tiger Capital, a private equity firm with investments in emerging technology, retail and real estate assets.

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