Global Conference 2012

Speaker's Biography

Jason Cummins

Chief U.S. Economist and Head of Research, Brevan Howard Inc.

Jason Cummins is the chief U.S. economist and head of research of Brevan Howard Inc., an international hedge fund management group with approximately $32 billion under management (as of July 2011). Cummins develops the firm's outlook for the economy, politics and markets. He also advises the traders on portfolio management and manages the global research/strategy team. Cummins is also a member of the Treasury Borrowing Advisory Committee, a government-appointed panel of external experts that has served the country for almost half a century. Formerly, Cummins was senior economist at the Federal Reserve Board, where he ran the macro forecasting team. Cummins began his career in 1995 as an assistant professor of economics at New York University and also taught at Harvard University. Cummins earned a Ph.D. in economics from Columbia University and graduated from Swarthmore College.

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