Global Conference 2012

It's nothing but bad press for Europe these days, and many investors have headed for the exits. But does that mean it's actually a moment for contrarians to jump in? Several sectors are continuing to perform well, especially in exports to outside the region. And many companies (and even countries) have seen price distortions in their stocks and debt offerings that could create valuable opportunities. Where are the right places to invest in Europe, and what are the remaining hidden dangers? Which countries are best positioned to buck the trend and maintain positive economic growth? Which sectors are best insulated from the uncertainty?


Liam Kennedy

Editor, Investments & Pensions Europe


Wolfgang Alkier

Co-Founder and Managing Director, Absolute Return Consulting GmbH

Francesca Carega

Co-Head, Absolute Return and Buyouts, Wellcome Trust

Bernard Connolly

CEO, Connolly Insight LP

Hugh Hendry

Chief Investment Officer and Co-Founder, Eclectica Asset Management

James Zelter

Managing Partner, Apollo Capital Management; CEO, Apollo Investment Corp.

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