Global Conference 2012

Web 1.0 first connected the world through the Internet. Web 2.0 helped organize the Internet and saw the dawn of social media - and since its advent, there's been an exponential rate of change. Not only has it transformed the way we communicate and do business, but it's generated such a deluge of data that we can hardly make sense of it all. What will Web 3.0 actually look like? Are we ready for whatever business and societal changes it will bring? Will it finally produce the tools we need to process, understand and harness all the data we've been capturing? How will it disrupt business models? Join us for a look at the future of the Web.


Andrew Miller

Entrepreneur and Founder, Football Nation, LLC


Bonin Bough

Vice President, Global Digital and Consumer Engagement, Kraft Foods

Neil Kataria

Co-Founder and President, newBrandAnalytics

Brad Keywell

Co-Founder and Managing Director, Lightbank; Co-Founder and Director, Groupon

John Ruffolo

CEO, OMERS Ventures

Mike Zapolin

Co-Founder, SocialExtract

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