Financial Innovations for Early-Stage Drug Development
Monday, April 30, 2012 / 11:00 am - 12:15 pm


Melissa Stevens, Deputy Executive Director, FasterCures / The Center for Accelerating Medical Solutions

Aya Jakobovits, President and CEO, Kite Pharma; Venture Partner, Orbimed Partners
Andrew Lo, Harris & Harris Group Professor, MIT Sloan School of Management
Bernard Munos, Founder, InnoThink Center for Research in Biomedical Innovation
Kathryn Smith, Managing Director, Fast Forward LLC
Chris Varma, President and CEO, Blueprint Medicines

Translational research - the point at which general scientific knowledge starts to be applied to addressing a specific disease or condition - is the first step on the path to developing a new drug. But traditional investors in translational research (large- and medium-cap biopharmaceutical companies and life science-focused venture capital funds) are becoming increasingly risk averse in the face of escalating challenges in the drug development process. FasterCures recently hosted a Financial Innovations Lab to examine business models and financial instruments that can improve the risk/return ratio for early-stage investors. In this session you'll hear from experts who have designed and implemented new models like leveraged funds, research-based obligations and collaborative funding. If we can find a way to close the funding gap for translational research, we can get one step closer to urgently needed treatments.