Global Conference 2012

Global Conference 2012

Next-Generation Philanthropists and Social Entrepreneurs

Monday, April 30, 2012 / 11:00 am - 12:15 pm

They've been dubbed social entrepreneurs, venture philanthropists and impact investors. Call them what you will, but there's a new brand of highly engaged philanthropy that's shaking up traditional notions of what constitutes effective giving and how to achieve social change. Should the world of philanthropy continue to borrow business models from the private sector? How can social media engage consumers or donors in the process of creating social change? The dynamic leaders on this panel are making a splash by employing revolutionary methods to raise awareness and millions of dollars for some of the most critical problems facing the world today - issues of social justice, poverty, hunger, access to education, obesity, disease, diet, bullying and more. Join us for a conversation with the innovators that are shaking up this space and tackling the world's problems in new and dynamic ways.


Shawn Amos

Founder and Managing Partner, Amos Content Group


Eric Dawson

Co-Founder and President, Peace First

Abigail Falik

Founder and CEO, Global Citizen Year

Kimbal Musk

Co-Founder, The Kitchen Community

Max Schorr

Co-Founder, GOOD

Kirsten Tobey

Founder and Chief Innovation Officer, Revolution Foods

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