Global Conference 2012

Borrowing costs for corporations worldwide are approaching record lows. How long can this continue? Quantitative easing and long-term refinancing operations have averted the fear of business failures. Nevertheless, does the slow recovery in the developed world and the potential for related decreases in developing market growth rates mean we'll face an even higher wall of debt maturities in the future? Beyond the current wave of refinancing, will companies have trouble getting new loans, spurring further defaults and bankruptcies? What is the relation between sovereign debt and corporate debt challenges? Will the growing need for government refinancing ultimately overload debt markets?


Michael Milken

Chairman, Milken Institute


Tom Finke

Chairman and CEO, Babson Capital

Joshua Friedman

Co-Chairman and Co-CEO, Canyon Partners, LLC

Marc Rowan

Co-Founder and Senior Managing Director, Apollo Global Management LLC

Steven Tananbaum

Managing Partner and Chief Investment Officer, GoldenTree Asset Management

David Warren

Chief Investment Officer, Brevan Howard Credit Catalysts Fund

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