Global Conference 2011

Because there are such abundant reserves, natural gas prices have been mired in the doldrums, sitting out the latest boom in commodities. But are investors' fortunes about to change? Moving toward natural gas seems to be a no-brainer, since coal plants contribute to global warming, and recent world events have underlined the safety risks and supply vulnerabilities of oil and nuclear energy. With the global demand for energy expected to grow by double digits in coming decades, analysts are anticipating a new boom in gas consumption. But extraction from shale is not without its own environmental issues. Can these be resolved so that public support for natural gas extraction remains strong? Where are the most ambitious development projects taking shape around the world? What are the investment risks? Will currently depressed prices slow the industry's expansion? This panel will clarify what lies ahead for natural gas.


Harold Wright

Senior Vice President and Chief Technology Officer, Rentech Inc.


James Ivey

President and CEO, Milagro Exploration

Andrew Littlefair

President and CEO, Clean Energy

Tom Price

Senior Vice President, Corporate Development, Chesapeake Energy Corp.

Joanne Spalding

Managing Attorney, Sierra Club

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