Global Conference 2011

Technology has made great strides in building cutting-edge learning tools, and new government-funded education initiatives have taken effect. But in classrooms across America, what is being done to create a true personalized learning environment? Are students becoming more engaged in their day-to-day classroom experience? How will proposed changes and new innovations transform the learning process? In an era of data-driven decision making, what are the critical elements every school must be able to address in order to enhance the student experience? This panel discussion will explore how technology and public policy improvements can help establish an ideal learning environment for K-12 education.


Ronald Packard

Chairman and Founder, K12 Inc.


Judy Elliott

Chief Academic Officer, Los Angeles Unified School District

Robert Neu

Superintendent, Federal Way Public Schools

Kal Raman

CEO, GlobalScholar

David Wu

Assistant Superintendent and Chief Information Officer, Hawaii Department of Education

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