Global Conference 2011

For many business leaders, owning a piece of their favorite team can be a dream come true. But once you're actually in the owner's box, is the reality all it's cracked up to be? This panel will bring together some of the world's most respected owners for a firsthand look at the business of sports. Professional teams have become extremely complex, multinational organizations with valuations that can run in the billions. Do the perks of ownership outweigh the costs of public scrutiny and second-guessing by the media? Do investment opportunities exist at the major and minor league levels? Our panel will provide an insider's perspective - and a few fun stories - that might give you a new outlook on that cherished dream of investing in your favorite franchise.


Rick Horrow

CEO, Horrow Sports Ventures


Mark Attanasio

Managing Partner, Crescent Capital Group; Chairman and Principal Owner, Milwaukee Brewers Baseball Club

Peter Guber

Chairman and CEO, Mandalay Sports Entertainment; Owner and Co-Executive Chairman, Golden State Warriors

Steve Tisch

Chairman and Executive Vice President, NY Football Giants

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