Global Conference 2011

The United States often takes its dominance in science and technology for granted - and no wonder, since U.S. firms like Apple, Google and Facebook continue to dazzle consumers with inventiveness. But other nations around the world aren't exactly sitting still. They've studied the U.S. model of research funding, commercialization incentives and intellectual property protection, and they've gotten busy building their own high-tech clusters and research capacities. China and India have become hotbeds of "frugal innovation," rethinking process and design to improve products (such as medical devices) while bringing down their costs. Today it's clear that innovation knows no borders. Where are the next great game-changing designs being produced? How does this worldwide phenomenon change corporate decision-making? How are companies changing their R&D models to discover and integrate ideas from around the globe?


Kara Swisher

Co-Executive Editor,


Rani Borkar

Corporate Vice President, and General Manager, Microprocessor Development Group, Intel

Jacob Hsu

CEO, Symbio

John Manley

President and CEO, Canadian Council of Chief Executives

John Ruffolo

Senior Vice President and Head of Knowledge Investing, OMERS; CEO, Inkef Capital

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