Global Conference 2011

Increased penetration of broadband has triggered explosive demand for smartphones and the rapid integration of television and the Internet - trends that are radically changing the markets for communications, information and entertainment. Consumers will surely benefit from access to diverse content - everything from video conferencing to high-definition entertainment. But broadband poses enormous challenges to the telecom, cable, consumer electronics and entertainment industries as they scramble for pieces of the rapidly growing pie. And the disruption will put pressure on Washington to regulate both access to the new markets and the way the revenues are divided. This panel will analyze both the likely impact on the key industries drawn into the battle and the need for government intervention to speed innovation and maximize benefits for consumers.


Robert Hahn

Professor of Economics, Sustainable Consumption Institute, University of Manchester


Sam Feder

Partner, Jenner & Block LLP

John Rogovin

Executive Vice President and General Counsel, Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc.

Gigi Sohn

President and Co-Founder, Public Knowledge

Jonathan Spalter

Chairman, Mobile Future

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