Global Conference 2011

With oil prices spiking and concern over climate change growing, biofuels hold tremendous appeal. But they must overcome considerable hurdles. Further process and technology refinements are needed to ensure that biofuels make a significant dent in carbon emissions while avoiding other negative environmental impacts. Beyond the extensive R&D effort required, it will also be necessary to build a network of cutting-edge processing plants and to open up distribution and retail channels. Taking this idea to scale will call for a vast infusion of capital. This panel will discuss the latest scientific and commercialization efforts, including the exciting potential of fuels like algae-based biodiesel. How close is this fledgling industry to reaching maturity? What do policymakers and investors need to know?


James McDermott

Managing Partner, US Renewables Group


Alan Boyce

Director, Adecoagro

Richard Hamilton

President and CEO, Ceres Inc.

Dallas Tonsager

Under Secretary, Rural Development, U.S. Department of Agriculture

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