Global Conference 2011

It's the mother lode of all potential markets: China's sheer size and its sizzling growth rate are powerful attractions for businesses of all types. But it pays to look before you leap. This year the World Bank ranked China only 79th in the world for general ease of doing business. Which strategies really work for gaining a foothold in China? Which international names are already out in front in terms of establishing a presence and capturing market share? What do you need to know about Chinese business culture, contractual agreements and bureaucracy? What are the pitfalls? How do you choose the right local partners? Why do some companies thrive in China while others fail to achieve critical mass?


Zachary Karabell

Senior Fellow, Milken Institute; President, River Twice Research


David Bonderman

Founding Partner, TPG Capital

Richard Gelfond


Henry Gong

Co-Chairman, THL China Partners; Venture Partner, Infinity Equity

Perry Wong

Senior Fellow, Milken Institute; Senior Vice President and Senior Economist, Economic Strategy, City National Bank

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