Global Conference 2011

Suddenly there are people living longer than ever before in human history. How can you improve your own odds of making it to age 100? And more important, how can you ensure that you'll enjoy a good quality of life along the way? Can a Mediterranean diet and mental exercises keep your mind sharp in your later years? Is calorie restriction the key? What's the future price to pay for leading a high-stress, high-pressure lifestyle today? This panel will examine the latest research on scientific and medical advances in aging - and outline the proactive steps you can take in your own life.


Howard Soule

Senior Fellow, Milken Institute; Executive Vice President and Chief Science Officer, Prostate Cancer Foundation


Arthur Agatston

Preventive Cardiologist and Associate Professor of Medicine, University of Miami Miller School of Medicine; Author, "The South Beach Diet"

David Kirchhoff

President and CEO, Weight Watchers International Inc.

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