Global Conference 2011

Global Conference 2011

Somebody's Always Watching: Privacy in the Age of Surveillance

Monday, May 2, 2011 / 2:30 pm - 3:40 pm

Is it possible to keep your personal life private anymore? Stores, online retailers and credit-card companies record what you buy. Websites and online advertisers watch your surfing habits. TiVo knows your favorite TV shows. GPS cell phones track your whereabouts. Security cameras abound in public places. New airport security technology peeks under your clothes. Meanwhile, the Facebook generation has come of age thinking it's no big deal to post confessions, provocative photos and personal stories online - public records that are essentially permanent. Has the digital age corrupted the expectation of privacy? Can we ensure that our personal information isn't abused? Does it even matter - is privacy a Luddite concern?


Daniel Casse

President, G100; Managing Partner, High Lantern Group


Philip Kaplan


Fran Maier

President and Executive Chair, TRUSTe

Patrick Manzo

Senior Vice President and Chief Privacy Officer, Monster Worldwide Inc.

Scott Meyer

CEO, Evidon

Jay Stanley

Senior Policy Analyst, American Civil Liberties Union

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