Global Conference 2011

To enhance its energy security, reduce greenhouse-gas emissions and strengthen its economy, the U.S. needs to find and develop new energy sources. But most of the payoff for that investment will be over the long term. Fossil fuels will remain a substantial portion of our energy mix for the next few decades - and that means energy efficiency is the fastest, cheapest and cleanest solution to implement now. It's the low-hanging fruit, and the most sensible place to start changing our patterns of energy use. This panel of experts will examine how we can jumpstart a major push for energy efficiency, including the new technologies, practices and behavior changes that will have a quick impact.


Martha Amram

Senior Fellow, Milken Institute; CEO, Ennovationz


David Arfin

CEO, First Energy Finance

Nicole Woolsey Biggart

Director, Energy Efficiency Center, University of California, Davis

Geoff Chapin

Founder and CEO, Next Step Living Inc.

James Davis

President, Chevron Energy Solutions

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