Global Conference 2011

Global Conference 2011

From Revolution to Rebuilding: Toward a New Middle East Economy

Monday, May 2, 2011 / 3:50 pm - 5:00 pm

In recent months, we've witnessed history unfold in the streets of Tunisia, Egypt and Libya. Dynamic forces are pulling and pushing for change as the rallying cry for social justice and democracy echoes across multiple borders. Hopes - and fears - are running high. Where do we go from here? Building a more open, entrepreneurial and dynamic economy is the best strategy for containing extremism and militarism. What kind of institution-building needs to take place? What role can investments play in promoting democracy and stability in the region? What mechanisms for economic development should be developed and implemented to build robust, job-creating markets? Will the pendulum finally swing toward democracy, moderation and more widely shared prosperity? How much reform will we see in other nations where protests have erupted but the existing regimes still cling to power?


Jerrold Green

President and CEO, Pacific Council on International Policy


Abdulla Mohammed Al Awar

CEO, Dubai International Financial Centre Authority

Neveen El Tahri

Co-Chairperson and Managing Director, Delta Financial Investments

Dalia Dassa Kaye

Senior Political Scientist, Rand Corp.

James Prince

President and Founder, The Democracy Council

Janet Sanderson

Deputy Assistant Secretary of State, U.S. State Department

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