Global Conference 2010

Speaker's Biography

Michael Goodman

Founding Partner, CQ Solutions

Michael Goodman is a Founding Partner of CQ Solutions and a Managing Partner of CQ Alliance. Goodman has spent his 25-year career incubating and building businesses across a diverse group of industries. Prior to CQ Solutions, Goodman was CEO and chairman of J.G. Wentworth from 2000 to 2008 and a principal since 1994. During his tenure, the company experienced explosive growth and originated several niche asset classes including municipal receivables, lottery winnings, annuities, life settlements, private mortgage notes and litigation advances. Prior to J.G. Wentworth, Goodman founded Corporate Technology Inc., an early systems integrator for small and mid-size businesses. Goodman has also been an early investor, principal and or founder of several other efforts: The online marketing company DMI Partners and a collection entity specializing in credit card receivables. Goodman, who is well-regarded as a value investor, became actively involved in several real estate entities that specialized in low-income government-assisted housing. Goodman graduated from The George Washington University.

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