Global Conference 2010

Speaker's Biography

Robert Dove

Managing Director, The Carlyle Group

Robert Dove is a Managing Director of The Carlyle Group, as well as co-head of the Carlyle Infrastructure team. Prior to joining Carlyle, Dove spent 10 years with Bechtel Enterprises Inc., the financing, development and investment unit of Bechtel Group, the engineering and construction company. As an executive vice president of Bechtel Enterprises and an equity partner of Bechtel Group, Dove led Bechtel's infrastructure development activities and managed a portfolio of infrastructure investments. As Bechtel's designee, he served as a director of several infrastructure joint venture companies, including Alterra, a joint venture with Changi (Singapore) that owns airport concessions; International Water, a joint venture with Edison (Italy) that owns water concessions; and Tube Lines Holdings, a joint venture with Ferrovial (Spain) that owns a concession over three of the London Underground Lines. Prior to working at Bechtel, Dove was a managing director with UBS Securities Inc.

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