Global Conference 2010

Speaker's Biography

Bo Lundgren

Director General, Swedish National Debt Office; former Minister for Fiscal and Financial Affairs

Bo Lundgren is Director General of the Swedish National Debt Office, a position he has held since 2004. A member of Sweden's Parliament for 28 years, he also served as Minister for Fiscal and Financial Affairs from 1991 to 1994. In that role he was responsible for handling the deep crisis in the Swedish financial sector that followed a speculative bubble in the late 1980s. He was also responsible for tax reforms, including abolishing the turnover tax on stock trading, the wealth tax and double taxation of dividends and capital gains. After serving in government, Lundgren became economic spokesman for and later leader of the Moderate Party, Sweden's main center-right party. The author of a 1998 book on the crisis in the Swedish financial sector, he has served on the board of the Sveriges Riksbank (Sweden's central bank). He received a bachelor's degree in business administration from Lund University.

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